About Me

My name is Johannes "Hannes" Schwienbacher.​During my bassist musical maturation in Monaco, for the first time I ran in a 1964 Fender Jazz Bass used by my teacher. I was immediately “infected” by its sound and by the relationship established with it; I have been stricken by the melodies of this wonderful instrument to the point to desire one.​For a short time I searched for copies or modern variations of the same techniques and of the same emotional appeals; however, soon I abandoned the impossible venture because nothing can be compared to this extraordinary musical instrument, a precious mosaic tile of the most recent music history.​Hence the idea of ​creating a collection of original Fender Jazz Bass, in the standard color "sunburst", from birth (in 1960 thanks to Leo Fender) until the early years of the CBS Company,with the aim of recreating a temporal succession of the development of one of the most relevant rock and pop instruments in the last century.​I created this site in order to reflect the current status of the collection and to share my passion with all of the Vintage Jazz Bass Lovers & Freaks.​This is not a commercial site and the instruments presented herein are not for sale.
Have fun!


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